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Eco Office Werks, LLC was founded by Brenda Merrill who has 20+ years of successful experience in Enterprise Managed Print Services and Workplace Sustainability working with Fortune 1,000 clients and Government organizations.

Our proprietary Office Werks Study® RFP consulting and assessment program has been built on years of experience from both performing independent analysis for our clients, as well as being directly involved in some of the industry’s largest Managed Print RFP’s.

Our approach to supporting our clients is an expansive mix of the industry leading business intelligence tools along with manufacturer/dealer insights to true pricing and fee’s. This approach allows us to create a manufacturer agnostic plan to allow you to source a vendor/s to manage both new and existing copier and printer assets while freeing your staff from the endless time and resources this process can take.

Our Clients realize validated cost reductions from 25% to 45% by using our services...

Thank you for considering Eco Office Werks as your Enterprise Print Partner. Our consulting team will continually work with your organization on ways to leverage new ideas and technology that will make your business operate as efficiently as possible. 

We consider this opportunity to work with your people and organization a privilege and the trust you place in us will never be taken for granted. We look forward to working with you!

 Brenda M Merrill

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